Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Man of Two Hearts.

I sit overlooking the quiet of a misty street. It’s rain-soaked trees call to me, calming me.

You’re safe, you’re happy.

They whisper to me slowly, softly. They speak of a life I once had and the promise of one I may have again.

Don’t ever leave this place.

Salty breezes nip through the window lapping at my face. The wind kisses me and my heart soars.

Come back to us.

The ever burning fire of family warms me, glows first in my stomach, spreading to my hands, cheeks, scalp, chest.

Why do you always leave?

Outside, I gulp at the fresh air, frantically dispelling those thoughts that come fast and sharp. They beg me to change course, to raise a different flag.

Stay here forever.

My heart palpitates, then splits in two. I see my roads clear as day in front of me.

Think of what you leave behind.

I tell the birds, the leaves and the purpley seas that I will return soon. Perhaps one day for good.


I am a man of two hearts, I say. I am equally bound to both.


It is not the time for me to stay. Adventure and the thrill of challenge call me east.


I do not know why, but I know that their call is strong and true.

So you will leave us again?


But you will be back?

Of course.

Do you promise?

My love for you is too strong never to return.


And the voices floated away on the breeze, and I was calm.

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