Monday, 19 October 2015


There are fairies inside your mouth.
I know they're in there
because you keep your lips pressed together so they cannot escape.
I hear them beat their tiny fists against the backs of your teeth.
I see them try to squirm out the corners of your mouth,
which sometimes looks like you're just smiling at me a little,
but I know better.

There are fairies inside your mouth.
They each want to tell me something
but they can't find a way past your lips,
so they jump on your tongue like a trampoline
and bang their little heads on your hard palate.

There are fairies inside your mouth.
You sigh them out with little huffs of breath;
send them tumbling down your arms,
but they disappear into your hands before they can deliver their message.

I wish you would stick your tongue way out,
let them march down to the very tip
so they could leap softly into my ear.

For the fairies that are inside your mouth
are the ones that I want to hear.

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